Welcome to The Game Atelier Support Center

First step
Any problem encountered with one of our games ? Please try the following procedure first:

1/ Reboot your device properly
- Hold the Sleep button and Home button simultaneously for a few seconds
- The display will quickly wipe itself and you should see a black background
- Press the Sleep button to restart your iPhone / iPad

2/ Get the latest iOS for your device
If rebooting your device didn't fix your problem, please install the latest iOS:
- Connect your iPhone / iPad on a computer
- Under iTunes select your iPhone / iPad device
- Click on the "Check for update" button


Still encountering problems ?
First, make sure you tried every step listed above. If none of them worked you can contact our support team. Be sure that the bug or problem you encountered was not caused by any hardware malfunctions and try to understand clearly the way to reproduce it. You can contact our Support Team by sending an e-mail to support@game-atelier.com. Please be as accurate as possible when describing your problem, don't forget to mention the device you used for playing our product.

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