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A talented and ingenious team always looking for new challenges to offer you the best action-adventure video game experience!


Looking for new challenges

Founded in 2010, Game Atelier prides itself on providing you unforgettable games.


Our goal: to rediscover the pleasure, excitement, and fascination of the memorable action-adventure games of our childhood.  

From the crazy Flying Hamster to the legendary Monster Boy, the success of our titles has exceeded all our expectations!

Our latest project made on UE5, Otherskin, is like Game Atelier: constantly evolving. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt our skills and to create exotic gameplay, in order to offer players the experience of a unique and striking game.


A talented and ingenious team

Based in Paris, the team is made up of passionate gamers from diverse backgrounds. Our philosophy advocates humanity, communication, and well-being; our strength lies in creativity and versatility, while ensuring everyone has autonomy in their work.

Open-mindedness is the driving force behind Game Atelier, offering the growing fan base a unique experience. Our commitment is to develop remarkable games over time, providing the same memory of wonder that remains in the grown adults we are today.


Collection of Achievements

Adventurers' Hall of Fame


Is Game Atelier on your list of achievements?

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